SCADA / IoT Cloud System

Data Historian

Real-time SCADA visualizations and control
Historical and real-time dashboards
Data integration and processing

using xPlain.

Want powerful visualization tools and seamless data integrations and real time control built for the web?
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100% Secure

For the integration of an existing SCADA system to the cloud historian, we offer an invasion proof solution that doesn't compromise your systems. Compatible with any SCADA that supports DNP3, IEC60870-5-101 or Modbus serial commu­nications. You only need to provide your system data over a serial line: we do all the rest. Network protocols (OPC, IEC60870-5-104, DNP3/TCP...) are also supported over secured VPN for direct control of IoT devices.

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Visualizations and control anywhere anytime

A 100% HTML5 secure real-time visualization solution compatible with browsers available on any OS platform, desktop, mobile or video-wall that guarantees a great user experience anywhere you need. Full access control. No need to install or configure any software. Ever evolving, always updated, open source based solution. No more abandonware.

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Pay as you go
a plan for your size

Subscription service: pay just for what you use. Flexible plans for any size of company. All features included in any plan. Prices according to number of users and tags, database storage and performance level. Integrates easily with third party tools like MS Power BI, Tableau Public, etc. Powered by Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform.

SCADA-like richly animated and scriptable real-time graphics
Your data integrated with internet data sources
XPlain Brazil

The future is here now!

Say goodbye to:

mood_bad Expensive software licenses, cpu, mass storage, space and electricity costs

mood_bad Plugin based obsolete technology like Flash, ActiveX, Silverlight and Java

mood_bad Difficult, costly or even unavailable software upgrades and updates

mood_bad Insecure/unpatched OS and application software

mood_bad Installation and maintenance costs

mood_bad Proprietary segregated solutions

mood_bad Mobile unfriendly solutions

mood_bad DBA costs

... And focus on your core business!

XPlain SCADA@cloud™ System Architecture
System Architecture

A selection of amazing pieces of future proof open source software carefully integrated, optimized, secured and managed in the cloud to deliver a great user experience on any platform:
  • InfluxDB time series database for best performance and space saving.
  • MySQL relational database for best connectivity and integration of third party tools.
  • OSHMI (Open Substation HMI) for SCADA visualizations and real time control.
  • Grafana for beautiful and fast custom dashboards construction and sharing.
  • Kapacitor: for alerts generation.
Shared Interactive Dashboards

Integrations with the best BI tools: MS Power BI e Tableau (free and pro versions).

help_outline Can I redeem my data? Of course! All historical data is yours and only yours. You can make backup, keep a replication client or get your data back at any moment. In case of end of the subscription services you have 30 days to copy your data before we erase it. The contract also includes a non-disclosure clause to protect your data that we must respect.
help_outline I want to host the database myself. Can I? Sure! If you have the resources to take care of database for yourself that is great! You can contract hosting directly to any cloud provider or host it on your own physical premises! We provide scripts and instructions to help you on server and database creation. In this case you don't pay anything for database hosting.
help_outline Is my SCADA 100% secure for the cloud historian integration? Really? Absolutely! Security can not be compromised if you do not provide commands on this serial connection, there is nothing someone on the Internet can do to damage your SCADA, simply because there is no network connection to the SCADA.
help_outline Where are the services available? What about payments? XPlain in the cloud is available anywhere in the globe. Payments are processed by PayPal. Other options are available only in Brazil. The first 30 days are the trial period free to experiment the service*. Payments begin after 30 days, annually or monthly. Clients can opt out any moment, no questions asked. During the preview period there will be no charges*. *During trial and preview periods the number of users and size of DB server VM's will be limited, after that VM's will be resized to the desired size.
help_outline Systems integrators partnerships? Together we can offer more competitive and differentiated subscription based solutions, that allows us to attain consistent results in the long term. Don't miss the cloud wave. Please contact us.
help_outline Controller and sensor devices manufacturers partnerships? We can create custom cloud monitoring and control solutions for your products and clients with your brand. Our scalable solution match your size. Please contact us.
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Subscription Price Calculator

Subscription Price

Monthly (payed annually with 10% discount):

Prices may be slightly adjusted during the free preview period.
Services included: Full technical support with 24h response time by e-mail. Configuration and licensing of SCADA protocol gateway. Full system documentation. Database administration, except for the self hosted DB server.
Services not included: Display creation services (can be contracted separately). Internet public shared real-time displays with no auth (can be contracted separately). Training. Third party tools like MS PowerBI, Tableau, etc. that must be directly contracted. Costs for external API's integrations. Corporate systems data integrations (can be contracted separately).

Power & Energy / Factory & Industrial
Building automation / Water & Wastewater
Any business that employs IoT/SCADA/PLC systems
Wind Power